The Primary department (Primary Blue and Primary Red, Green Class is a transition class.)

Primary Curriculum:

Curriculum Intent

Our statement of intent for our whole school curriculum is to ensure our pupils develop the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to achieve fulfilling lives.  The Primary and Secondary Departments continue our pupils' school journey towards achieving this important purpose. 

As a National Support School we also want to support all pupils with SEND to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to live fulfilled lives.


We aim to achieve our curriculum intent by providing fantastic teaching and learning in an environment where everyone is cared for, valued and respected.  (Mission Statement)

At Red Marsh School we believe that providing the appropriate curriculum for each learner is an essential part of fulfilling the school’s mission statement, purposes and values.

We are proud that all our pupils are involved in all aspects of our broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum personalised to meet individual need.  

Our Primary curriculum ensures we are able to meet the individual needs of every child within the department. All our children have personalised targets.  These targets ensure every child is working towards achieving the outcomes in their personalised Education Health and Care Plan.  In the primary department personalised targets are developed through a curriculum that builds upon the work of the EYFS department.  The curriculum helps learners to: develop essential Learn to Learn skills; develop individual targets and generalise new skills and knowledge through a creative curriculum brought together, where possible, to form a topic or theme. For the majority of the timetable learners remain with their class team comprising of a specialist teacher and dedicated support staff. The primary curriculum ensures learners access their curriculum entitlement of the core and foundation subjects as identified in the National Curriculum, alongside Religious Education and Personal, Social, and Health Education, as a core curriculum area. All subject areas continue to be adapted to meet individual need.  

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development, including the promotion of British Values are at the heart of our curriculum. 

Specialist teachers and dedicated support staff ensure high quality teaching and learning experiences for all children.  

Children requiring additional support to meet their needs have personalised interventions, for example, sensory diet interventions. Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language and Physiotherapy programmes are delivered across the curriculum.  

 If you would like to find out more about our personalised curriculum, please contact school.  For further information see Class Curriculum.    

Phonic and Reading Scheme

Phonics is taught following the Letters and Sounds publication (Dfe) supported by the Jolly Phonics scheme and Lexia.

The school uses a wide range of age-appropriate reading materials these include the published schemes: Oxford Reading Tree,  Dandelion Readers, Phonics Bug, Collins Big Cat Phonics, Comics for Phonics, Words and Pictures Fun with Phonics, My First Phonics, Project X, Rapid Phonics, Dandelion Readers. See English policy for the schools approach to the teaching of reading.

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