Safeguarding pupils and the reporting of safeguarding issues is a highly sensitive issue, however this does form part of the local authority arrangements with regard to safeguarding and there is a need for vigilance. At Red Marsh School the senior leadership team liaise with agencies such as social care, health, police and young people’s services to ensure all services are in place to support vulnerable pupils.


All staff at Red Marsh School receive regular safeguarding training and all new staff are inducted. All staff are also inducted in the Lancashire Guidance for Safer Working Practice. All students and volunteers receive safeguarding advice before starting their placement. The Senior Leadership Team have regular training regarding their designated senior role. In addition the senior leadership team and some Governors have safer recruitment training. All staff and volunteers have been checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service and a single central record is kept of those checks

The local authority places a duty on the designated safeguarding leads to report any suspected or obvious signs of neglect or abuse to social care. Procedures are in place in school to ensure any act that may cause a safeguarding issue is properly reported and investigated. In addition there is a culture of support and vigilance in school to ensure pupils and staff work in a safe environment.

If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of safeguarding in our school community, please contact the following;

Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL)             - Catherine Dellow (Headteacher) -

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)  - Jenny Slater (DeputyHeadteacher) - and 

                                                                          - Sarah Holyhead (Family Support Worker) -

Safeguarding Governor- Pat Naylor (Chair of Governors) C/o Red Marsh School 

For additional Safeguarding information click on the attached link           NSPCC Preventing abuse 

Safeguarding Documents


Online Safety 

At Red Marsh School we recognise that technology is now an inescapable and positive part of everyday life and learning. Using technology sensibly is something that we encourage all our pupils to do. It is important that we work together in partnership to teach online safety both at home and at school.

Online safety means keeping safe when using modern technology. This could include: mobile phones and tablets, the internet and social networking sites.


Our key online safety message is: “Speak out, stay safe. Show or tell a trusted adult.”

All pupils are encouraged to show or tell at least one trusted adult at home or school if something they see or do online makes them feel scared, worried or upset.  If possible, help your child to identify five trusted adults.







NB: If you are worried about the way someone has been communicating with you online, you can report this to the National Crime Agency using the CEOP Report link at the bottom of each page of our website.

Operation Encompass

Red Marsh School is an Operation Encompass school. Operation Encompass is the implementation of key partnership working between the Police, Local Authorities and nominated ‘Key Adults’ in schools. Click on the link below for more information


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