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Lancashire Mind - We are more than a mental health charity; we’re a passionate movement leading
the mental wellbeing revolution in Lancashire. Our vision is mental wellbeing for all because a person
with high mental wellbeing is more likely to be happier, healthier, more resilient and less likely to
develop mental health conditions only a small minority of people live with a mental health condition
that has a long term substantial impact on their life. In 2013 this was less than one percent of the
population. With appropriate support a mental health condition can have a minimal impact on a
person’s life. Appropriate support includes things society does that allow a person to operate as an
equal and they are not necessarily formal or clinical.
T: 01257 231660 (Lancashire)
T: 0300 123 3393 (national helpline)

Your Local Parent Carer Forum
For Lancashire Families who have a child aged up to 18 years with a disability or additional need.
Fylde and Wyre
Rachel Shatford
Tel: 07557 030836

Wellbeing & Mental Health Helpline for the people of Lancashire - launched in August 1996
following a nationwide review of mental health services, the Helpline is a listening, information and
emotional support service for those concerned about their own mental health, or that of someone
they know. We are open Monday to Friday 7pm - 11pm, Saturday &Sunday 12 midday to 12
T: 0800 915 4640

Mindsmatter – Talking Therapies provided by
Lancashire Care. We promote increasing access to psychological therapies (IAPT) and work with
adultsfrom the age of 16 upwards who may be strugglingwith common difficulties such as stress,
anxiety anddepression
01253 955943 (Fylde and Wyre)

ICECard - gives first responders key information uncritical health issues; such as medication use,
allergies or pre-existing conditions. It is easily identifiable and instantly to hand unlike carrying your
details in a mobile phone, which may be locked or difficult to operate.ICEcards have a fully writable
reverse, allowing details to be filled in on who should be contacted in the event of an accident or
incident. Cards are supplied in packs which include key rings and stickers for e.g. your phone case.


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